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Got this idea from George M. w/ the kettlebells and the deck of cards.

Made a few changes though.

Here is how it went down.

"Kettlebell Poker"

* Hearts = Kettle-bell snatches or cleans (L/R)
* Diamonds = Kettle-bell press (L/R)
* Clubs = Kettle-bell swings (2 hand)
* Spades = Kettle-bell front squat (2 hand)
* Aces = 15 reps
* Face cards = 12 reps
* Joker is wild = 21 burpees

-Team workout
-Everyone performs the same exercise/reps
-All 54 Cards played

I used a 24kg KB (53lb) throughout the whole workout. I didn't switch to cleans to sub for snatches nor did I resort to push press or jerks for the military press.

I had 8 Marines out there and we got done w/ the whole deck at 70min.

This was a grind to say the guys said it reminded them of the "Murph"!

Total Work

162 Snatches
162 Press's
81 Swings
81 Squats
41 Burpees

527 total reps!
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