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The ME/DE method worked well in the past for me. Thing is getting my strength numbers up is great and all but I already have a solid enough foundation of strength. What I found was the strength built in the gym, and I'm one of the strongest people on the team by barbell standards (yes we have a weak team!), is not very useful on the field unless it can be expressed properly. The strongman type stuff has always attracted me as kind of a bridge builder - and the sandbag too. I'll be making a sandbag soon. But the hill sprints and kettlebells are, for me, the best way at the moment to bridge this gap. The strength work in the gym is more maintainance if anything, possibly bringing up the deadlift a little and working on the chins.
I'll throw presses into the strength days and scrap the kettlebell press work.

Originally Posted by Tom Rawls View Post
More running.

I can't imagine someone training for football and including only 2 days a week of running. You run around more in rugby than you do in football, don't you?
Well it works, the important thing is maintaining the movement pattern. I only run/sprint on hills because of my bad shins. The intramuscular coordination of a running movement only has to be practiced once a week to be maintained if the skill is already learned. The sprinting/jogging serves that twice a week. The additional conditioning is also there in the KB form, which has been brutalizing me lately.

I'm trying to achieve a balance here. I feel strength in the gym needs to be expressed through the hands and feet properly and that it mustn't weigh you down after only half-time. Things like weak hip flexors in comparison to the hip extensors don't help when running around for 80mins. I'm trying to "take the brakes off this summer". Can't remember where that idea came from, probs dan john.

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
You're in the offseason correct? what's your biggest weakness at your position? speed, strength, ball handling?
Probably confidence haha! But i'm feeling quite well rounded as it is, although endurance would probably be my weakest point, I can't express my strength effeciently enough yet, it's getting there though! Oh also I quite like the old school, simple training methods.

By the way thanks for all the replies you guys must hate me already, but i've noted everything down.
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