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Default Potential Neck Conditioning - Sandbag Head Supports (& Jogging?)

So, I was doing some walking/jogging up a hill (15m up over 250m, barefoot, on the street) today with a 105lb sandbag. After a little while I tried doing it with the sandbag overhead in both arms. Turns out it's pretty hard to hold it up there. So, I dropped it down, behind my head, and it landed sort of high on my shoulders. That's when I got the idea of holding it on my head, rather than overhead. The sandbag molded to fit my head pretty nicely, and I also used my hands to hold it in place. I did about a quarter of the way up the hill this way, jogging, took a slight break, and did the whole way down jogging. Definitely challenging.

This isn't something I'd do very often (if ever - I'm not a wrestler) since it seems like a rather high-impact exercise, but it might be something worth considering. Maybe a static version with a heavier bag for duration holds would be more appropriate, and not using the hands for balance so the neck has more of a job to do in the horizontal plane. It's just an oddball idea that rolled out so I thought I might as well pass it along and see if anyone here has input on the idea.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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