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Default Where from here?

My goals for this year is nothing but strength. I've wanted to put in a solid year of just old fashioned lifting and eating. I've been doing SS for the last 7 months plus and I it's time for a change but I'm not sure if it truly is.

Started Nov/08
BW 75kg
BS 100kg x5x3
SP 45kg x5x3
BP 65 x5x3
Deadlift 135 x5

BW 82.5kg
BS 115 x5x3 (best 117.5 x5x3)
SP 50 x5x3 (best 51.5 x5x3)
BP - (best 72.5 x5x3)
Deadlift: 147.5 x5

Age 27

It's been an up and down 7 months and I've definitely put some strength and weight on but not as much as I'd hoped. Right now is a down moment. I'm finding with SS right now that's it's tough as hell to bring the same intensity for 5x3 everyday. I guess I'm getting bored too. If I have one bad day where I don't sleep 100%, eat 100% and lift 100%, I stall and even regress. I feel like if I don't gain weight, I can't advance even the slightest. Plus I'm feeling fat and shitty.

Even the "Now" lifts aren't 100% accurate. I've gone heavier on the back squats and presses but again, I go away for the weekend, miss a day, don't stuff myself stupid one day and I slip back to a lighter weight. This has been going on in some fashion for the last 7 months. I go up and then slip down again. To top it off I currently can't bench press because of a shoulder impingement. Shoulder presses are fine though.

So basically what I'm asking is;
Do I suck it up and keep at SS, eat more food to facilitate any bit of gains?
Or do I switch things up? Have I sucked up all the gains I'm going to make on SS regardless of the weights I'm lifting and my body weight? It's been nearly 8 months...
Healthy body sick mind...
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