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Default Workout Log: The Sequel


First workout in a while. I've barely been able to work out at all the past couple of months. Not at all what I was hoping for, but well...

Bench Press: 4x3x75kg, 10x75kg
Did this while waiting for a friend who was late. Didn't want to do anything too taxing.

AMRAP15 with High Gear helmet:
15 Hang Squat Cleans with 52.5kg
12 Ring Dips
21 "GHD" Sit-ups
2 rounds + 14 Hang Squat Cleans

My friend got the idea to wear a High Gear helmet during a metcon from CrossFit Empower.
If you have High Gear, wear the helmet with visor to simulate the shortness of breath you would experience due to fright and adrenaline."
Not the greatest idea. Finished the first round in 3:15. Spent the rest of the 15 minutes on the verge of fainting from lack of oxygen. Maybe not the best way to ease back into things after a break...

Plan for the next several weeks is a quick linear progression on the main lifts with short metcons every now and then. Unfortunately, though, I'm stuck at a gym right now that only has these rubber covered iron plates; no bumpers, so I'm not able to do any snatches or heavy jerks. Hopefully I'll get away with doing power cleans, since if I miss those, I can always catch them and lower them again.
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