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you have a slew of options but you sound stale. ideas.

fix your shoulder. full stop. this is goal 1. work on it everyday.

you're ready for a weekly progression to be sure.

do something radically different for a week while you think this up.

you need overarching goal and a plan, but make both short term and achievable.

if you don't have either, do something like crossfit until you do.

get a training partner that's stronger and smarter. you provide the drive, the comedic relief and if you're a good partner, donuts and coffee for Saturday mornings. (This has been the biggest boon to me. I love being one of the smallest and weakest guys in the group)

when I feel fat it's because I am. change that or stop worrying.

find a new gym, take a road trip to Wichita Falls. take a lesson, go to an Oly clinic, a Highland Games, a SM contest.... a whatever.

PS. I'm in Seattle, so not far from you. if you're in the neighborhood send me a PM. you could come play with tires and kegs for an afternoon. that will get your head right.
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