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Originally Posted by Jamie Crichton View Post
Just how important is this for your average trainee? I can't get close to that position; in fact my hip internal rotation ROM is pretty terrible. But I don't feel like it's limiting my activities in the way that poor ankle mobility would.
It's pretty important. But I don't care for that bilateral supine stretch.

You can work the area much better prone doing one leg at a time. Kick the foot out to the end of ROM and then a few degrees more for two seconds (AIS style) and repeat several times. Then reposition the knee out about 10 degrees and repeat. And another 10, and another 10, and another 10! Yeow! You'll stretch some stuff that hasn't been stretched in awhile.

Then do the same with ext rotators working the feet in across centerline. Oh yeah, it all needs help. This stuff only works right on about 3 people out of a 100. Most people have messed up ext and int hip rotators to some degree or another and don't even realize it till you start stretching it and they start exclaiming about how much it hurts...
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