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With most meal skipping you find that people are hypocaloric, inactive and their food quality is sub-par (lots of refined foods). The chronic hypo-caloric state tends to peel off muscle mass and prime the system for fat gain. In the IF scenario one must still on average consume as much as they would normally, so no problem with hypocalorosis. To do IF "smart" one chooses paleo type foods or at least non-processed foods. This solves the food quality issue (although in the IF studies the animals were eating VERY low quality "chow". Despite this the animals maintained good body composition...however animals on a high fat diet had better body comp than animals fed a standard low quality diet.). Then there is exercise. Even on a sub-par, hypocaloric diet one will maintain better bodycomp if one is exercising (read here resistance training, not running 5K's) than if one is sedentary. If you read the PM issue on IF it discusses that this approach has aspects of both anabolism and catabolism. Feedback and research seem to indicate this approach can be very favorable for both body comp and performance.
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