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Originally Posted by Peter Dell'Orto View Post
While this is true, it reminds me of what rolling with my MMA instructor is like - minute after minute of hell, which only ends in a tap when he's finished seeing what you've got. I'm Fedor can manage that, you wouldn't have to get beat on post-knockout. He could just finish you off at 9:59 or so.

It's just recruiting him for your YouTube video entry that'll be hard. PRIDE paid him more than I can put together right now, I suspect.
Haha true nothing quite like the torture a good jujitsu instructor can achieve by refusing to submit. You can't breathe your contorted out of position your completed gassed and you thinking ok just take my arm so this can be over while their freaking sweat drips in your eyes. Not quantifable as intensity according to crossfit haha.
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