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I agree that eating like a wild chimpanzee would be almost impossible however as our nutritional requirements are quite similar to those of wild chimps studying their diet provide a useful reference point when determining the optimal human diet. For example the first paper states that in a chimpanzees diet "food energy would be derived from fat, protein, carbohydrate approximately in the ratio 11 : 6.7 : 30.7 = 455 cal : 280 cal : 1270 cal for a 2000 calorie diet from 51 g fat, 70 g protein and 320 g carbohydrate including digested fiber." which is remarkably similar in terms of macronutrients to the traditional Okinawan diet and we all know how well they do health wise. So, although we have the same nutritional requirements as our closest relatives it's clear that we don't necessarily have to eat like them in order to meet our nutritional needs.
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