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Originally Posted by Troy Archie View Post
I read through Wendler's 5-3-1 yesterday. It's very simple, basic and straight forward. I like it. I'm a bit unsure if it would be right for me and my level of training right now (comments) but I figured why not give it a go? It looks like fun and something completely different from what I've been doing. I'm hesitant to go the Texas Method or Starr as I see it just more of the same of what I've been doing the last 7 months plus the workouts look like marathons and I'm sick of going to the gym for just about 2 hours per session.

Next up, my shoulder...
troy. i won't lie, I had great luck with the texas version of 5x5...that said, I think you can't go wrong with Wendler's stuff and you will have fun. rep PR's are very very rewarding.
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