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I did the Texas Method after finishing my Starting Strength progression. I made progress, but like Troy found the sessions way too long. I then tried 5/3/1 for a few cycles, but the volume on the main lift was too low for me (you do just one set at the target weight) and recovery uneven (the rep max out was the culprit in that, I think). I actually lost some strength doing 5/3/1...

So, what I am doing now is a simple hybrid - one main lift a day, 4 days a week like 5/3/1, but I do it for 5x5. And then I do one accessory lift a day.

The work out takes me about an hour, and focusing on the one lift once a week helps me with both intensity and recovery. When I stall out on the weekly 5x5 progression, I will probably alternate 5x5 with 3x5 weekly.

Given your goals, you might want to consider something similar.
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