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Originally Posted by George Heckert View Post
Have you brought this up to Rippetoe on his forum on strength mill? Maybe he will have some insight on why you have gotten such luke warm results on SS. I agree that it does get pretty boring after the first month or so.
No I haven't posted on his forum because I know his answers:
Gain more weight.
Drink milk.
Got to love his simplicity though.
I'm not surprised with my results and I'm actually a bit happy with them to this point. I started with 100kg LBBS and manged 117.5kg HBBS. I'm a beginner strength-wise but not lift-wise. Multiple years of trying to get strong but not having any idea what I was doing, Hardgainer, 2 years Crossfit, a year this is my second time around with SS. Last time was for 3 months.

Thanks for all the advice and feedback all. Going to give it some more thought as to which way to go, either TM or 531...
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