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Went over the "CrossFit Total" w/ my Marines.

They're for the most part unfamilar w/ the 3 lifts....

As you all can see in the logs..we usually just do metcons and kettlebells for strength and CrossFit metcons and for KB''s, cleans, and snatches...also combat conditioning in boots, utes, and flak jacket.

They did 3 x 5 on each lift.

Some were actually stronger than I thought...which was good. I knew the carry over from kb press's would help them in the barbell press.

For demo/somewhat of a workout...(couldn't let them have all the fun ) I did:

-135x5-225x5 a2g squat

-135x5-155x3-165x2 mil press

-295x5-345x3 deadlift

Afterwards we did the following metcon to their shock...I mean surprise....

They truly hate me...which is good.


KB snatch (L/R)

I used 24kg KB and finished 8:05.

I did the first 21 unbroken w/ the snatches....21L/21R.

Burpees were broken by 11/10 - 10/5 - 9 on each set.

We don't do the norm for burpees.

Our standards:

-Spawl/squat into the pushup position
-Perform pushup
-Explosive jump w/ full hip extension and reaching high in the sky...we don't clap...sorry
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