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Daniel Schenck
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Sure. this is my current weekly program:

day 1 - Back Squat 5x5; Weighted dips

day 2 - Press 5x5; Power Cleans

day 3 - Rack Pulls/Halting DL - 1x5/8; Back Squat (80/85%, 1x5 or 2x5 depending)

day 4 - Bench 5x5; chin-ups

And then I do a weekly session or two of hard interval rowing/running and more rarely a short hard kettlebell or barbell complex session.

so that's my attempt to keep it short, sweet and effective, with focus on strength (which as I age I value more and more) and plenty of recovery (ditto). Working so far!

If anyone has suggestions for improvement or changing it up while keeping the workouts short and effective and hitting most of the bases, i'd love to hear them...
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