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Daniel, that program looks frighteningly similar to one which I had conceived last night on the train ride home, with the main goals being to get me out of the gym at around 1:15 minutes, get stronger, and keep accessory work relatively limited.

You could also, if you so desired split the work into an upper/lower split, which would take care of some possible issues with fatique carrying over from the dips to the overhead press (I find dips hard on my triceps). One is to press on your squat day, which might make it a a bit too long for your taste. The other is this:

Lower 1: 5x5 back squat, 3x8 RDL or 6x3 power clean, opt. 3x8-10 lunges or bulgarian split squat

Upper 1: 5x5 press, 5x5 chin ups, optional 3x5-8 dips


Lower 2- 1x5 deadlift or dead ass., 3x3 Front squat or med back squat, 3x8-10 BSS or lunge

Upper 2- Bench 5x5, row variation 3x8, either dips 3 sets or possibly dumbell press medium intensity
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