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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
When you start IF you generally start with like 1-2 of 15-18 hour fasts... not 30+ hours like fasting all day. If you do that schedule I see some epic fail coming your way regardless of what your goals are.

Performance and strength you MAY need more carbs during the week depending on what you are doing and how your body reacts to low carb diets. Carbs aren't necessarily the devil or anything, heh.

I would just go Paleo and focus on high quality foods + maybe a short fast here and there IF it helps you.
It sounds like I could just alter my example just by shortening the fast to 15-18 hrs
Example: Fast from 11pm on saturday to 5pm on Sunday then fast again from about 8pm on Sunday until 11am the next day(which would end up being my pre-workout meal).

Based on what I have read about the Metabolic diet, performance should retrun to normal after the body adapts to using fats for energy, and as I mentioned earlier, I liked the idea of fasts because of how well it cleans out your system...just an idea I had to combine the two
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