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Default 05-Mar-2007: LBH Total

Change in plans. I was informed Monday that I need to attempt a simulated comp. total twice before the next formal competition (roughly once per 3 weeks).

I had to total sometime this week, so I figured what the hell and attempted today instead of Wednesday.


Warmed up to 60kg.

Attempt 1: 65kg, good
Attempt 2: 67.5kg, good
Attempt 3: 70kg, good (PR)

Clean and Jerk:

Warmed up to 75kg

Attempt 1: 80kg, miss
Attempt 2: 80kg, miss
Attempt 3: 80kg, good

My timing catching the cleans was really off. I was pulling way too high and catching very low, so the bar would crash about 6 inches down on me, I think. On attempt 2, the bar whacked me in the throat. I caught attempt 3 off balance (forward), but managed to stand up with it, at the expense of my right butt cheek.

I had to work really, really hard for that 70kg snatch. The pulls are getting easier, but my OHS mechanics falter when I approach maximal weights...I just couldn't get my butt back and the weight on my heels.

I think I tried to rise twice, and finally got it on the third rise. I was happy to get it, but from the sound of it, my teammates were even more excited. I guess I was down in the squat for so long there was a great deal of suspense.

I'm FINALLY starting to get the feel of 'arms like ropes' and that's probably why my pulls felt stronger than usual last night.

Finished off with light OHS:
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