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Default getting bigger?

probably a dumb question, but i just read an article about some bodybuilder saying that if you been going to the gym for years and training what you think is very hard, but are still the same size, your doing something wrong..
now, i am not after size at all, but over the years i have either gone to the gym and worked as hard as i could in deadlifts, incline benches, pullups, hang cleans, etc..or out to my garage to do the same, and dtill have the same 12.5" arms and stick legs.., as i had 25 years ago..
i have always followed the 12-8-8 5-5-5 reps, or 5 sets of 3 after a warmup, but still havent gained an ounce... weight or size..
now, i would train with weights, after a running workout(years ago) and now either before or after cycle training..
train cycling first,in the morning, then weights in the evening.. seperate my sport from the weights, but still go as hard as i can in the weight training.
i am not trying to be good at everything, but when i train, i do go all out....why isnt there a gain of an inch in the arms or legs? genitics? burning too many calories riding??
thanks for input
steve kaspar
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