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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Is that right, 5-8 *grams* per day of sodium??? AFAIK, that's not low....
Their sodium chloride (salt) intake is 5-8g/d which would make their sodium intake 2-3.2g/d (see table 2 in the pdf). You're right though, that isn't low however it doesn't appear to cause them any problems.

The moderately low intake of sodium chloride in the diet of the Tarahumaras (5 to 8 g/day) correlated well with their previously reported low blood pressure levels (12). This level of salt intake is in contrast to the usual
American intake of 6 to 18 g/day (29). The low blood pressures of the Tarahumaras are in contrast to the high incidence of hypertension in the United States (48). The habitual low sodium chloride intakes of many primitive agricultural populations have been repeatedly noted to be associated with a relative absence of hypertension (49-5 1). Other factors in the Tarahumaras that may contribute to the low mean blood pressures are the lack of obesity and the high degree of physical fitness. Anderson et al. (52) noted the rarity of hypertension throughout Mexico in groups of peoples eating the basic bean-tortilla diet. Perhaps there is also an antihypertensive factor in this aboriginal Indian diet.
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