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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
steven - i just checked out a bunch of your youtube videos. those are so sick! the slapping thigh l-pullups are intense.

when you do your weighted dips, why do you put the backpack on the front? thinking about it, it makes sense in a way. it seems like you would actively keep your spine erect since the weight would be pulling you forward. is this the reason why? i wanna try the weight around the neck because i have a tendency to droop my head forward when i do dips.
When I had two backpacks (other strap broke.. this one is breaking too b/c of the 60 lbs in it) I put one on back and one on front. I like putting it on front (1) because it's easier and (2) because it feels better.

I would speculate that yes it helps me engage my posterior musculature better which is conducive for pushing heavier weights. Leaning forward a bit helps me activate more musculature as opposed to upright where it would be more of a pure triceps push as well.

Don't put TOO heavy a weight around your neck. Most I put is ~20 lbs at max. Can be dangerous especially if you get enough shear force to cause spondylolisthesis (anterior slippage of a vertebral disk). Correct posture is good overall though.

Also, what Garrett said.. if you're having AC joint issues I would advise against dips for a bit. I have a lax right AC joint, BUT my body and musculature is strong enough to handle heavy dipping without it being a concern. If you're weaker around the shoulder, and dips are giving you problems with your AC joint I'd avoid them for now.
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