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Pierre wrote a great article. I agree with it in almost all respects especially if you're trying to strength/power bias your programming. For everyone who is not already strong and athletic I think this is the way to go. Gant's hybrid, Rut's MEBB, and CFSB all reflect this style of programming somewhat.

I disagree with Tony in some respects though. Skills like DUs are best developed when fresh. Once you have to the technique down well THEN you can develop it when you're tired. If you're doing the DL/DU workout, and you suck with DUs then it's going to be a slogfest... and you're probably getting CRAP practice at DUs because you're trying to go fast in workout, but you can't string together.

I would say step back and practice your DUs when fresh. Take as much time as you need to rest to get good reps so you can get the rhythm down. This is exactly like handstands... you can't get good at holding freestanding if all you do them is when you're tired. Your form is going to be terrible, and you're not going to learn it correctly.

This mirrors my view on ALL skill based or complex movements like the Oly lifts. Metconning them when you don't have the skill base to do them well is a TERRIBLE idea. I don't think SDHPs should be taught at all because they detract from movements like Oly (most new people will always try to muscle them up with their arms because their posterior chain is weak with poor glute activation).

While I do think if you're doing CF you need a few workouts where you're going to have to slog through I think they come up waaaaaaaaay too often on the mainpage as well as in most of the affiliate programming I've seen. Maybe once every week or two weeks grinders are fine. Otherwise, what's the point? Getting good at grinders?

None of the regionals or CF games workouts have been grinders yet except maybe a couple... but even then the top performers are finishing in less than 15 mins... nowhere near over >20 like most people are doing 2-3+ times a week. It's useless waste of training time IMO.

I probably have one of the fastest 30 MUs time just because I'm strong (I pretty much don't train endurance at all). I definitely could improve my time significantly IF I focused on metabolic work for pullups/dips/muscle ups, and that would be ideal if I was competing. But strength is one of those things that makes everything easier which is why I think it's more important to bias for strength/power for most people.

Shrug. Just my thoughts.

Chris... are you the guy from CF BWI? If so, nice to meet you.. kinda. I showed up at the competition at BWI just for fun, but I didn't really talk to anyone or compete (aka random skinny asian guy).
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