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Default Re: Scaling/Relative Intensity


Thanks for your reply. I think Pierre makes another convincing argument for strength/power bias programming. Thanks to this forum, my local affiliate (our owner is a former FB player and USAW coach), and others, I'm a big believer that strength development is key for the novice/intermediate athlete.

I agree with your thoughts on the DU. Reading into your post, can I assume that you would focus on OL and slow lifts for power/strength development, gymnastics for skill development, and low-skill movements for metcon?

I also agree that slogging 2-3 X/week is counteproductive. I've focused on longer metcons only 1-2 times a month, with shorter metcons and strength/OL/skill work.


I've seen Stevens videos. Can you sneak a GOMAD into his diet?
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