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yesterday i tried hooking the weight around my neck and performing various exercises. my shoulders felt dramatically better on just about every exercis i did. i also felt like i was approaching a more proper body position on each exercise.

one of the most dramatic differences i noticed was in front lever work. i used an old bjj belt to drape the weights around my neck and hang them through my crotch. because of all the grappling i do, my body has a tendency to ball up into fetal like positions. this is ideal for BJJ, but it sucks when i'm trying to do things like front levers and i can't tell my spine to straighten. anyways, the weight around the neck made my erectors automatically fire, and thus the hold felt a ton better. i tried it with a lot of stuff including manna work, and it all made my shoulders feel great.

i guess my problem lies somewhere in the fact that i probably droop my head down. i used to hurt my neck all the time grappling. it hasn't gotten hurt in a long time, but i think my shoulders got more iffy as my neck avoided injury. i guess this is related.
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