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Deadhang muscle-up: Several attempts. Feels like I'm progressing. Give me a week or two and I think I got this.

On the minute for five minutes:
Kipping muscle-up + slow negative
Only got through the first four minutes before I failed on the muscle-up. The slow negatives (and deadhang attempts) were more taxing than I thought.

Front Squat: 1x80kg - 1x90kg - 1x100kg - 0x105kg
100kg felt easy, don't know why I failed 105kg. PR is 110kg.

Rope Climb: Climbed a ~15ft rope without legs (both ways). Failed miserably after just a few pulls with a 12kg kettlebell attached. I blame the muscle-ups from before.

Pretty good workout. Excited about the deadhang muscle-up progress.
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