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Steve Shafley
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I agree completely, JCB, good call.

Rowing, or inverted rows from pullup bars or rings or whatever, is an essential movement.

For those who really go heavy on the posterior chain, the inverted rowing movements are really useful as well, since you can hit the back without statically loading the lower back.

Matt Kroczaleski really repopularized one armed rows when he put a video out on YouTube showing him doing a ridiculous amount of weight for higher reps, as part of his normal powerlifting training, and now you have tons of PLs now doing 1 armed rows again.

I really think that people who don't need to bench for competition, don't really have to ever do a straight bar bench. Dumbbells work far better for gaining size in the chest that the barbell does, for a lot of people.

And, suspended push ups, and other push up variations are highly useful.
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