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Default minor (?) knee injury

A few days ago my knee started acting a bit weirdly, and I was wondering if I could get some insight.

Earlier in the day I had done a quick CF metcon with some rows, wall ball and light-ish clean and jerks, and didn't notice anything amiss. But then a few hours later at work, after sitting in a chair for maybe 45 minutes, I stood up and noticed that my right knee had swelled up a bit and felt very "weak", I guess you would say. I got the distinct and disconcerting sense that if I tried to flex my quads and lock out my knee, I'd hyperextend it, or at least mess something up. For the most part it felt fine though through the rest of the range of motion - I guess explaining why I didn't notice anything was wrong until I stood up.

Most of the swelling was localized near the outer edge of the patellar tendon. I was limping pretty badly for the rest of the day, and all told it took about 12-15 hours for the swelling to go down completely.

I *think* it's pretty much better now, but I'm a little worried about it - any idea what was wrong with it? I may be imagining things but it still feels a bit off when I try to lock it out in full extension, and I'm not sure how long to wait before doing squats etc.
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