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Comp report

venue - a parking lot on a fairly significant slope so the carrying events were run uphill over a 25m course

Lot draw - drew number 6 and ran against the current national champ all day

Event 1 - super yoke 245kg / 540lb - 16.1sec

fairly good run with this but i dropped it a few metres from the line and lost a second or so picking it up again.

Event 2 - 90kg / 200lb log for reps

3 reps - very big awkward log and a lot of guys struggled. will need to get a bigger log to practice on.

Event 3 - 220kg / 485lb Axle DL for reps 9 reps

Pretty bad run at this. I used my own ironmind straps and they slipped on the knurling. should have used the figure 8 straps provided!

Event 4 - Farmers walk 115kg / 255lb 25m straight run 13.75 sec

lots of people dropped these, the grip was thin and knurled but freshly powder coated or painted and reasonably slick. I was happy to do it in one run.

Event 5 - 130kg / 285lb stone over bar for reps 3 reps, missed 2 more i should have got.

only my scond time with the 130kg stone and previous PR was a couple of HARD singles

Overall 9th out of 14 in a very competitive field

Video shortly
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