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As one with a bum left shoulder (dislocation 18 months ago), I have trouble benching. I can overhead press until the cows come home, but that horizontal movement isn't appreciated by my shoulder. However, I just finished Starting Strength and learned about not breathing during a rep and it helps alot. Before my last benching session, I was still doing the standard "breathe in while bringing the weight down and out while pressing." It also felt like my shoulder was moving around inside the socket, as if my left arm was there, but not "connected" like my right. Well, using the Valsalva Maneuver my shoulder felt rock solid. I was able to put up my bodyweight for 3 sets of 5 without any issues or lack of stabilization whereas a single set of 3 previously was a scary proposition. I doubt I'll be going much above bodyweight because the risk/reward isn't there for me as a non-competing athlete. But it is nice to know how to stabilize the shoulders properly by doing the exercise properly.

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