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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
the people who get results just pick one format and then don't question it for at least 12 years.
Corrected that for you. Seriously, pick what you want to be good at, and do it. One of the best ways to get better at crossfit is to scale things to a weight at which you can get the workout done in a reasonably fast period of time, then do it.

Force = Mass * Acceleration. This is the basis of all strength training programs.

Weightlifters tend towards F = m*A. (Dynamic Effort)
Powerlifters tend towards F = M*a. (Maximum Effort)
Bodybuilders tend towards F = m*a. (Repeated Effort)

They all work at building strength up. With crossfit, I'd say, just pick a weight, sets, reps that allows you to get the workout done with little resting, then have at it fast and hard. That will get you the best progress towards "Crossfit as Rxed". It's been done many many times, most if not all of the time this gets people the results faster than trying to do WODs heavy and slow and slogging.
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