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Nutrition-wise I can eat A LOT of food - so I don't think i'll have trouble eating enough. The only thing is that I am still "worried" about gaining too much fat, but that is another topic. I realize that my worrying is pointless given my stats. After all, crossfitters have been known to add an appreciable amount of muscle just from doing Crossfit, right?
No, they haven't. I think Mike already addressed that issue earlier in the thread.

Originally Posted by MOD
Train 3x a week, sleep and play Xbox...walking should be your fastest metcon. You can always easily get back endurance later...and will have better performance in the long run by taking time off metcons and making strength gains.

The day I see some skinny person come into CF to (naturally) put on real muscle with metcons everyday....I'll shut my trap (and then the people will rejoice).
But if your goal is really just to do better at the workouts "as Rx'd," then you shouldn't even be concerned about gaining weight. 160-180lbs is the sweet spot for metconners.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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