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Originally Posted by Randy Hill View Post
The sweet spot for people who are 6'4" tall? I am concerned with gaining muscle to move more weight to be able to do the rx'ed weights.
CrossFit is like cross country running as far as bodyweight goes. You'd think that having more muscle would make it easier to do the repetitive loads, but in reality, at those loads, it just makes you less efficient. Maybe in a short workout where efficiency is less important than speed (eg. Fran, where you crash through every rep at 110% pace), but once you hit the point where the workouts are long enough to cause people to take breaks and slow down, the extra bodyweight isn't going to be as useful. To once again compare it to running, it's sort of like how 100m runners are so muscular. Their event is much more similar to Fran than it is to Cindy.

Your height was just getting the genetic short straw. On the bright side, it does make rowing easy, and that's a fun activity.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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