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ECG Weightlifting Camp: Day 3

Clean+Jerk: (3+3)x50, (2+2)x55, (2+2)x65, (2+2)x75, (2+2)x80, (2+2)x85, (2+2)x90, (1+1)x95(f2)
Back Squat: 5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 3x132, 2x2x140, 3x132, 2x150
BTN Split Press: 5x40, 5x50, 60(f), 4x57, 4x58

Snatch: 3x40, 2x50, 2x55, 2x60, 65, 68(f), 68, 68(f), 2x1x68
Clean+Jerk: (3+3)x50, (3+3)x60, (1+1)x70(f2), 3x(1+1)x80
3-Position Clean Pull (Fl, BKn, HB): 2x80, 2x90, 5x1x100
Leg Throwdowns: 2x20
GHD Sit-Ups: 2x20 (to parallel)


1 - Testing clean and jerk's for doubles went well, I would've liked to have gotten a double at 95, but I'm ok with 90. Watched video from this session, with two major notes. First, need to work on staying over the bar just a little longer so that I finish vertical, not back. Second, there may be something funny going on with my right leg, my right foot shuffles out a step in the middle of my rebend in the pull.

2 - Back squats were silly, I was supposed to do a triple at 140, then two doubles at 150, then back down to triples at 140 and 132. When I realized my mistake... I just decided to finish at 150 anyway.

3 - Split presses sucked! Then again, presses always suck, just need to keep working at it.
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