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Originally Posted by Gavin Harrison View Post
Your metcon's aren't going to shit the bed completely if you don't do them hardcore for a little while...

BUT, YOU NEED TO PICK ONE SINGLE GOAL AND WORK TOWARDS IT IN A SMART WAY. If you goal is to do good at metcon, then well.. sure. If it is to gain muscle mass and get stronger, start with starting strength and milk with 1-2 SHORT metcons a week if you want to have some maintenance of metcon ability (on workout days so you have longer to recover..). Once that burns out and you've packed on some weight, either you can do whatever you want, continue getting strong, or go back to the metcon lovin'.
Hey, ya know I have been doing some thinking and what you're saying here is making a lot of sense. I know I said that I was going to go back to the main site WODs, but I changed my mind.. I feel like I am in a perfect position to do some SS and it would be a waste for me not to.

For one, I am 19 so I will have an easy time with recovery and progress. I am also in the military and deployed to Afghanistan, so the 6 pack isn't so much of a big deal right now. I'm going to do SS and do it the right way.. Except with no milk. Can't get it out here!

I will be adding some metcon work in to keep that going and make sure I don't turn in to a blob. This is unrealistic but I have the fear of it still!

Anyways I appreciate everyone's insight here. I don't think I will regret the SS cycle.
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