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Default Question about hysterectomy and rehab

QUESTION to throw out there regarding hysterectomy and recovery...

I have a 49yo competitive athlete preparing for an abdominal hysterectomy in the next month or so. Currently involved in both pl & oly lifting as well as CF. I'm in the process of developing a post-rehab protocol for us to work once all is said and done. The problem is there is little to NO available info to the female athletes out there about this (or I can't find it).

Topics trying to find out...
1. Post rehab movements (once able to walk again, etc) or guidelines beyond common sense?
2. HRT consequences as it relates to healing?
3. Same, but as it relates to exercise and recovery?
4. Supplementation ideas for healing, training and recovery? She currently eats paleo / PZ with upwards of +4 fat blocks
5. Long term effects for competition?
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