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Default Help me with a training program to achieve my goals

About me:

5'10" around 165 lbs

Goals: 2x squat, 2.5x deadlift, iron cross, front lever, planche, free standing handstand push up on rings, press to handstand.

Things I can do: Best squat 245 lbs, best deadlift 310 lbs, back lever (for about a second), tuck planche, full range handstand push ups against a wall - 10 (sometimes I can do more).

I've read through Steven Low's "How To Construct Your Own Workout Program," and I have read these posts and and while these are great programs I feel that my conditioning level is not high enough.

I have also read through Coach Sommer's front lever and planche progression article

Here's a training program that I had in mind

Workout A
warm up
60 seconds of tuck planche work
3x5 squat
3x5 seconds of iron cross isometrics
3x5 front lever pull ups
3x5 weighted ring dips

Workout B
warm up
60 seconds of front lever progression holds
3x5 squat
3x5 iron cross pull outs
3x5 rings pseudo planche push ups
3x5 assisted handstand push ups on rings
1x5 deadlift

I would exercise three times a week, with Workout A on Monday and Friday and Workout B on Wednesday. The following week I would do Workout B on Monday and Friday, and Workout A on Wednesday.
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