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Thanks for the posting.

Question on the caffeine... due to some serious neurological issues - tested for ms years ago - that are in place, we've experimented with small amounts and found them to be immensely helpful in recovery right after an intense wod OR m.e. lift when her system is overloaded. She doesn't have it all the time, just when extremely stiff and "locked up".

Side note, once we incorporated the oly movements, etc... her abilities went thru the roof! We just have to build in deliberate recovery days and weeks periodically. Been training hard w/ cf & ca styled wods fr about 3.5 years. Had only one period of set back and that was after 1 particular cycle bumped right into her competitive time. Rough three months but her best season ever (last year)!

That being said, what about keeping it till about two weeks from surgery and then get rid during this surgery-post op period and down the road, add it back in? Just wondering due to what we've observed thus far.

Will look into iodine & Vitamin D.

With these things, how can we track improvements, etc? What should we be looking for? What kind of positive effects might show up if eliminating NOW?

Thanks again!!
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