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Default Fat Loss, Definition and Body Posture

Im 23, 180 cm and 83 kg. Im currently eating high fat together with IF.
I have some questions regarding the topic.
My goals are loose fat so i can be under 10% bodyfat wich means around 75kg. I want my muscles to get a bit prettier as im loosing fat, i dont want to gain but make them more defined. My ass, and whole lower body is really big and thats where i have the most fat to loose. So im really afraid of doing leg work in case im gonna gain more muscles there.

Also im sitting alot in front of my computer doing stuff and that makes my body posture somewhere bad so would be great to have some exersices or something that made that go away. Some people say Yoga etc.?

So would be great to get some feedback from people that have gotten really lean withoing gaining muscles just maintain them and make them look better.
Like how many weight sessions a week you think is best, how many sets/reps etc. How many cardio, slow walk etc. etc. Would be great thanx
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