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Default Tim's Picking Up Heavy Stuff Log

This is a lifting log. I've done Crossfit, Ross Enamait, a cycle of SS, and endurace stuff in the past, but all it taught me was that I like to put heavy stuff on my back and squat down.
I'm currently running a kind of mishmash of the Texas Method and Bill Starr (core lifts) with little to no assistance exercise: every now and again I'll toss a tabata interval or long cycle in there if I'm in the mood or feel the belly is rounding out too much.

I'm somewhere between 5'8 and 5'9 at about 165, ~15% BF. I'd call what I eat paleo, but in reality I just stay clear of the grains. I love milk, peanut butter, and ice cream and have no intention to stop eating them. Deliciousness and joy should always be a calculated factor.

My Current PRs (in triples, I don't ever do 1RM)
Squat = 240
DL = 270
BP = 165
Press = 110
PC = 135

My Goals
Squat = 300
DL = 315
BP = 200
Press = 135
PC = 185
I wouldn't mind being 170 with 12% BF, but if I gains require me to buy new all new pants again the wife's gonna yell at me.
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