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Default Sprint Speed workout

So, I don't have a trainer or a club to train with. I'm using just myself and setting up my workout is hard enough-So if you guys can tell me if this is a decent workout set up.

My goal is to get quicker on my starts for the 100m and 200m. My top end speed is equal to many kids who are quicker then me (because my start is really bad)

It would be:

Monday: Sprinting
Tuesday: Upper body weight room, high weights-low reps
Weds - Sprinting
Thurs - Legs weight room, high weights-low reps
Friday- Sprinting?

So I know what to do in the weight room - weight wise, but is it fine to do full body each day? high weights low reps?, and also what kinda workouts would I have for Monday,Wednesday and Friday? I'm so use to being in the season and doing conditioning training. Which isn't what I need now because everyday I ride 8 miles on my road bike regardless because of class and stuff. Which is why I dropped Friday as my running distance day.

So to sum it up, instead of Monday workouts being stuff like

What can I do to increase speed and not condition?
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