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Rick Deckart
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I attached a small Excel file, a very rough job, no rounding just the basics. Included is a slightly modified 2-week introcycle (first sheet) and if you really want to give that routine a go I would suggest you do the two week introcycle first.

It is not really necessary but it makes it a bit easier.

The goal of the intro is to work up to a quintuple, a set of five with 85% at the end of week two; also most people are very uncomfortable with higher rep front squat sets and the first week of the intro gives one a good feel for these with lighter weights.

If you can work up to a set of five with 85% at the end of week two, you will probably find that the modified base cycle is no big deal.

Make no mistake, it will be hard, but it won't be too difficult.

I would appreciate a short note how it went and how much you gained. Take care and good luck!

EDIT: I removed the attachement, the excel file with roundings is posted below...
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