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Default So-How bad are these blood numbers?

Two years ago, I had blood work done, Total Cholesterol was around 165, HDL was around 50, other important numbers were also low, AS I was not eating meat, just a little fish. Also ate no eggs, low fat, ran long distances, ate ton of carbs.

About a 18 months ago I started to eat meat and started reading the current literature about the benefits of good fats and good meats.

My diet has consisted of great local meats, lard, coconut oil, eggs and no fake or processed foods.

I went in for my two year checkup and the after my blood work came back, my DO practially had a heart attack with the change of my numbers.

Total Cholesterol 348 Range should be 150-200
Triglycerides 106 Range should be 70-200
HDL 89 Range should be 35-55
LDL 242 Range should be 83-129
VLDL 17 Range should be 14-40
Chol/HDL 3.9 Range should be 1.0 - 5.0

I said, hey my HDL almost doubled and my VLDL is really low, plus the ratio isn't too bad.

He looks at me like I'm nuts and says, you need medication now and I suggest you see a Dietitian.

No, and No. So he noted in my chart that I refused and wants to see me in 30 days.

Now I know I eat alot of meat and maybe no enough veggies/fish and fruit, hence my Fitday profile looks like Fat 55% Protein 30% Carbs 10-15%.

I have no problem cutting back a tad on the Fats, but just wanted everyone and anyone comments.

PS. My Creatinine Serum level was high at 1.86, should be in the 0.7-1.4, which I mentioned I was taking Creatine sup, he told me I need to stop and I agree as I was obvioulsy getting enough Creatine from my high meat intake. Told me I need to have that level checked in two weeks as I'm on the road for kidney failure. Well that spooked the shit out of me, Creatine stops today along with upping my water intake to get some flushing going on.

Thanks for any feedback.
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