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July 12, 2009
KB 101 DVD by Tom Corrigan: 24kg KB
Went through DVD going through the exercises and the cues Tom had just to review them and did 5 reps each exercise/side - DL, suitcase DL, sumo DL, 2 H swing, 1H swing, DARC swing, clean, horn clean, bell clean

5 rep circuit - DL + 2H swing + (clean + FS + press) + DL

KB warmup: Used my wifes 12kg for this x 5 reps each side/movement
goblet squat, slingshot, halo, figure 8, OHS, good morning, hammer curl + press + french press, kb knee circles, jump shrug, cossack

Overall impressions: A good DVD for beginners, with some good programming guidelines and good exercise descriptions. I think the package could have been polished a little better like in the exercise demos. The DVD does mention CF which is good but I think a possible illustration of how to use KB's in conjuction with CF would have better served to illustrate his point. A good demo workout for firefighters, possibly a bit more on sample workouts would have been good especially since the DVD is geared towards beginners. A good FAQ section at the end and a good snatch portion which I'll admit I skimmed because I'm avoiding the KB snatch right now.

Overall I'd give it a 8/10 in comparison to other fitness DVD's I've seen.

After a 10 minute break I took a look at the DVD Ultimate Body Scuplt and Condition with a KB by Lauren Brooks. My wife got this DVD recently and wanted me to do it too.

I got through the joint mobility section and the 12 minute full body fat blast workout, with a 24kg KB. I liked the joint mobility section, mostly things I knew but 2 exercises I hadn't tried before that I liked. The full body fat blast was similiar to Art of Strength DVD's where you workout for time and then have a rest and then do another set of exercises.
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