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Originally Posted by Brandon Oto View Post
One wonders what the pros/cons of using bars vs. rings might be, aside from ergonomics for those with shoulder troubles.
Ring dips train better proprioceptive awareness than bar dips. Rings also force the lats and trapezius to contract hard. Fatigue on the rings overshadows fatigue on parallel bars. It's like the difference between pushups and burpees. They both employ the same motion, but more muscles are utilized per rep on the latter. I actually gained a surprising amount of trapezius mass and cardiovascular endurance from ring dips.

To answer the thread, I used to dip 10 reps of 55 pounds on parallel bars just goofing around and never had shoulder issues, however I did notice occasional impingement if I descended at a bad angle. Doing ring dips, I've had no problem because I can adjust my grip to suit my joints. Personally, I find added weight unnecessary when leverage can be manipulated. I usually use bulgarian dips to add intensity.

Ultimately, every athlete should decide for themselves what works best to achieve their goals. Happy training.
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