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I'm 16 now, I've been running since 8th grade. But I was also a linemen at the time, I really started to become a sprinter sophmore year, and my PR in the 100m was a 12.0 and 200m was a 24.9 by the beginning of the summer (with mono) and I got a bad ankle injury that would carry over in the winter until I could run again. This last year was my junior year and I finished the year off with a 12.2 (beginning of the season, after that I didnt run the 100m as much) and a 24.5 200m

It's never been my top speed as a problem, I've seen videos of me taking off and being dead last in a 100m until the 60m mark, where my top end speed would quickly overrun (and if there was a meter or two I would've won) the other sprinters coming in at 11.5-11.7.

My starts have gotten alright, but it seems I'm not explosive enough. I stopped lifting weights on my legs freshmen year after knee injuries. So I'm just getting back into weights for my legs, squating around 350 8 times, 3 reps.

I'm also asking if its wise to do full body high weights low rep workouts
Tuesday and Thursday?

And also I heard from a source its best to sprint for a minimum of 8 seconds.
And I'm just sorta confused as to what I should be doing say for an example

I keep upping my workouts each week in order to benefit from it.

Monday week 1: would be something like 50mx10
as an example

Would then my Monday week 2 be:

or would it be:


Which increases? And also what workouts would fit Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

Monday more speed, weds more acceleration Friday ???

or all the same similar routine?

Also I don't know if I'd benefit from Wednesdays off, last summer I was training 5-6 days a week conditioning. But of course I'll take advice from people with more experience.

PS. I know what Olympic lifts are, he just said "Oly in the gym helps"
Never really called Olympic lifts oly, lol.

I thought he said Ollie when I read it, and I skateboard too-so I was a bit confused.
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