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Yeah Scott I have access to a hill with a incline and its noticeable but not to the point where it alters my stride. Though the hill is well over 100m, its about 170m-210m (also its a road)

In the weightroom I've decided to work on upper body tuesdays and lower bodys thursdays, because I'm also biking to classes (summer college course) 8 miles minimum daily. And I also wanna keep my sprinting days strong on mon-wed-fri.

Upperbody workouts are all high weights and low reps, each week I try to add 10 pounds also, and work from there.

3 reps of bench presses, 8 times each or on days I mix it up and start high and bench 5 times, and then each rep I add 10 pounds and next rep would be 4 times benched, and keep it going until I get to over my maxout limit and doing 1-2 presses on that. I just went from last weeks maxout at 185 to 205 today.

Then I do a curled bar crazy eights, where its high weight and I curl 8 times a small distance to my chest, then 8 half way, then 8 curls from my arm fully extended down to curling the bar all the way to my neck.
3 reps

Also I do dips and pull ups. And I work a fair amount with dumbbells (40-50lbs) flys, etc. Usually I use dumbbells for my shoulders.

My lower body consists of squats, and a machine that works on my hamstring. Also leg presses and cleaners (at times).

I don't remember the name off the top of my head, but I use a bench bar with weights and take it all the way down with my legs straight (so its like im trying to touch my toes) for 3 seconds then back up, 8 times, 3 reps.

lungs are implemented in my drills during sprinting days.

I try to do core workouts at night also.
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