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Brandon your Cholest/HDL ratio is 2.65, lower than Jay's or mine. Jay's is almost 4x and mine is 3.11 and here's a really cool explanation of the ratios and risk factor's from :

My most recent numbers:
Patient Fasting
Total Cholesterol 205 Range should be 125-200
Triglycerides 87 Range should be 0-150
HDL 66 Range should be 40-199
LDL (calculated) 122 Range should be 70-130
VLDL: not tested
Chol/HDL 3.11 Range should be 0 - 5.0

According to my Doc and the AMA interpretation from my risk factors are quite low, Brandon's are quite low and Jay's are high except for his HDL and TC/HDL ratio which are both quite good. And, as my Doc told me, these tests are a guideline, not gospel, and are supposed to be interpreted in terms of individual history. I've read that, as an adult, you are supposed to get these factors tested every 5 years, every 2 years, etc. If you can, I'd get them done as frequently as you feel the need.
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