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Xuan Mai Ho
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Since we're all sharing, here are my numbers from earlier this year:
Female, age 32, weight 138 lb, height 5'2"

Cholesterol / Total : 254
Triglycerides : 51
HDL Cholesterol : 105
VLDL Cholesterol : 10
LDL Cholesterol : 139
LDL / HDL Ratio : 1.3
Glucose : 99

The last time I did blood work (maybe 6 years prior to this test), my weight was 150-155 lbs, I ate tons of carbs, very little meat and did no exercise. My triglycerides were maybe 2 points lower, HDL was in the 50's, LDL's were much lower than they are now.

After I received my results, I was sent to a nutritionist who made the following suggestions:

1) Lose weight
2) Exercise More
3) Eat more whole grains and low/non fat cheese. Also, cut out the red beef.

I have to admit - I did freak out for a couple of hours after I received the numbers and after my appointment with the nutritionist. But after some time cooling off, I came to this:

1) Trying to lose weight will just make me bonkers. My body likes to be around 138 lbs and when I try to go lower, I need to restrict calories to a point in which I end up obsessing about food.

2) Since I already lift around 3 times a week and do martial arts twice a week, how much more exercise can I add in a week while still having balance in the other areas of my life? At the time of my readings, I was also walking a mile a day as well because we lived a 1/2 mile away from the subway.

3) Eating a grain-centric, low-fat diet makes my blood sugar levels go all over the place. The ups and downs, severe hunger shakes, and achey joints from grains/sugar are a thing of the past with my now predominantly lower-carb, meat, vegetable, fruit centric diet.

So, for me, as long as my energy levels are good and I can participate in the physical activities that I like, I'll live with the higher cholesterol readings.
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