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Originally Posted by Khalid Khalil View Post
Yeah Scott I have access to a hill with a incline and its noticeable but not to the point where it alters my stride. Though the hill is well over 100m, its about 170m-210m (also its a road)
You don't have to run the whole hill. ;-) Just mark off 40m and do 8-10. I usually do 1 up, then 1 down, then 1 up, etc till I get my reps in. Full recovery between reps. This isn't speed-endurance work.

Originally Posted by Khalid Khalil View Post
...Lifting stuff...
Seems a reasonable workout volume, though I'd stick with the compound exercises and ditch the isolation stuff. Deadlifts, squats (depending on if you don't get too sore/tired from them), romanian deadlifts (sounds like that's what you're describing with your "touch your toes" exercise), bench, overhead press, pullups, dips. No need to make this complicated. Up to 5 sets of up to 5 reps, 5:00 or so between sets for full recovery.

Back in the day, I used to do what you call Crazy Eights. We did them as 7 reps and called them 21s. But they're unlikely to help your sprinting. That's a hypertrophy workout. You want to maximize strength with minimal gain in weight, i.e., high weight, low reps.

What's your squat and DL numbers?

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