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14-Jul through 15-Jul

I can't think of a better way to commemorate my 1,000th post than to describe the avocado consumption of the past two days.

Last night: A gigantic bowl of homemade guacamole courtesy of Princess Aguacate. Totally unexpected. Completely awesome, especially since I ate about 2.5 avocados worth of the stuff along with half a bag of chips. Followed by a main course of shrimp, sausage, couscous, zucchini, etc. with sliced mango for dessert.

Lunch: A giant blob of guacamole at the company cafeteria. You can really tell when guacamole is made with love, vs simply going through the motions. This batch was lacking passion.

Originally Posted by Xuan Mai Ho View Post
I dunno what possessed me to eat an entire avocado by myself. I was so hungry that I would have gnawed my own arm off.
I don't know what possessed you either, but I salute you nevertheless!
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